Saturday, January 3, 2009

Digital Television Conversion Mandate

I strongly object to the government aiding private business by mandating that all broadcast television must convert to digital.

I read that as of Jan 1, only 20% of homes are prepared for the analog-shutoff to occur on Feb 15. Which means that 80% homes are happy with analog tv.

So the FCC is forcing 80% of the country to adopt a new technology that they would not voluntarily pursue.

Unlike the transition from land line phones to mobile phones which most consumers have embraced because it offers them clear advantages, the tv conversion is not motivated by consumer demand.

So it's completely unfair to force television viewers to spend money to convert to digital television when they don't see any obvious benefit to themselves.

Personally I don't own a television nor do I watch television so it doesn't effect me a lot. But if we let the government get away with this mandate, then they could just as well mandate that I have to get rid of my land line phone and buy a mobile phone, which I don't want and can't afford.

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